Released on 26th October 2014
The Shadow Ship

The second book in the Convergent Space series

It has many names Ė The Dead Ship, The Demon Ship, The Shadow ShipÖ

Sighted down the centuries, the ship occupies a space between myth and reality. Many have tried to find it but few have ever returned.

One lonely creature has seen the ship. He looked inside it. He saw what it was and what it was for, and the knowledge terrified him. He has been in hiding ever since, convinced the ship will destroy him because of what he knows.

On the eve of a war that threatens to tear the galaxy apart, Nyder Remi embarks on a pilgrimage to find out what happened to his father who went looking for the Shadow Ship twenty years ago and never returned.

The search leads Nyder and his companion Disparity through a trail of broken worlds and into the middle of the coming war.

Meanwhile the Shadow Ship begins the work it has waited millennia to accomplish.

Released on 26th October 2014